You can tell a good watch by its heart.

The most important element of a genuine Armin Strom is the movement. Not only is it where the work begins, it is also at the heart of the design. This means that everybody who checks the time will always see the beauty of the technology.


At Armin Strom, the visible movement is part of the whole picture. Before the design of the caliber can be seen on screen, extensive calculations and hand-drawn sketches are required.  

On screen, the elements of the movement take on a three-dimensional form for the first time. Their interdependence become clear, potential problems become visible. Even in the early phases of development, design and fabrication work closely together – a major benefit in a small Manufacture.

With the help of a computer simulation of the tools, it is quickly established how a plate or bridge needs to be milled and drilled from a solid piece of brass and how the manufacturing process can be optimized. In the mechanical workshop the first parts of the pro­totype are already in production, while the designer is still working on the movement.


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