Data become parts.

The parts of a watch movement start out as binary data: bits and bytes on the hard drive of a server. They define the part drawn by the designer in three dimensions and, together with the detailed drawings, provide the basis for controlling the machine tools. 


With only a few exceptions, Armin Strom manufactures all the parts of the Manufacture’s movement in–house: plates, bridges, wheels, levers, springs, screws. A decision in favor of quality: those who control the manufacturing process from raw material to end product can stand behind their watch without any ifs or buts.

Quality is also at the forefront when it comes to fundamentally renouncing stamped movement parts. At Armin Strom, the parts are drilled, milled, turned and wire-eroded but never stamped. This is more complex but it protects the material. Stam­ping changes the material structure of the metal being worked on - and that can lead to minimal, but undesirable deviations from the dimensional tolerances.