Serge Michel Claude Greisler

Welcome to the manufacture

The two founders of the independent manufacture Armin Strom Serge Michel and Claude Greisler, taking over the business from Mr. Armin Strom. While they learned from the expertise of their mentor, they created the vision to expand the business from a specialist in skeletonization to a fully vertically-integrated watch manufacture producing own movements.

Our goals have always been, and will always be, to build on the heritage of our predecessor – showing the beauty of the movement as a key design element – and at the same time to expand the selection of exclusive, completely inhouse manufactured calibers.


Eröffnung Manufaktur

Inauguration of the manufacture

The new ideas of Serge and Claude were already followed in November by the presentation of the first inhouse calibre, the ARM09. Great freedom to take decisions with correspondingly short decision-making routes also bring the necessary flexibility and the opportunity to gain rapid access to the market.


Armin Strom One Week Earth

The first complete watch collection

Presentation of the One Week Collection with the ARM09 hand-wound movement at Baselworld. This series embodies the modern style of movement finishing without neglecting important traditional values. Armin Strom’s watchmaking tradition of skeletonizing lives on in a modern form in these watches with their special movement architecture.


Armin Strom Coffret Tourbillon

The tourbillon goes on a world tour

The watch manufacture now joined the highly exclusive circle of watch brands which develop and manufacture their own tourbillon calibre in-house. The tourbillon of the new ATC11 watch movement features distinctive pallets in 18 carat white gold as well as the exclusive design of the balance and seconds pinion on the same arbor. The tourbillon was put on display in an exclusive “coffret” on a world tour in November.


Armin Strom One Week Skeleton

A tribute to Mr. Armin Strom

With the hand-engraved One Week Skeleton, the manufacture Armin Strom made the dream of Mr. Armin Strom come true: creation of a skeleton watch produced entirely in the firm’s own manufacturing facility.

The Skeleton Pure uses new treatments and technology to bring a fresh and modern look to the highest level of Swiss watch design and craftsmanship. This timepiece illustrates the perfection that can be achieved through machine processing and the way 3D-PVD coating can enhance dimension and bring definition to the engineering.


Armin Strom Skeleton Pure Red Dot Design Award 2015

RedDot Design Award

At the 2015 International Red Dot Design Award Competition, the Skeleton Pure Water gained an award for excellence in product design. This timepiece made of stainless steel won the price in the “Watch” category. A nice award for the young manufacture with his two founders. 




Mirrored Force Resonance

A revolution in Watchmaking

In November the manufacture Armin Strom introduces the Mirrored Force Resonance, a resonating dual regulator developed for maximum precision with its whole captivating mechanism on full display dial side.

The resonance clutch spring provides the watch with a fascinating and patented “animation” of the way it functions. This remains in line with the philosophy of Armin Strom as a brand: no nonsense, just good, proprietary mechanics presented in an impeccably finished and interesting way. The resonance clutch spring is exciting in another way, too: it visually proves this timepiece’s resonance.


Watch Configurator

Innovative Online Watch Configurator

During the Baselworld Armin Strom launches the innovative watch configurator. Using the Watch Configurator, the client begins by choosing the desired movement, whether it contains a tourbillon, a five-day power reserve, or any other functionality in Armin Strom’s arsenal.

Collectors can choose colors, engraving, and even skeletonization of the movement and/or certain components – the latter naturally being one of Armin Strom’s historical specialties. Using this virtual reality version of Armin Strom’s workshop, a fantastic, collectible dream timepiece quickly becomes a tangible reality.

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