Rings of time

Skeletonized dials


At Armin Strom, the dial is rarely spoken about; the term dial ring is used far more. To give the movement as much exposure as possible, the surfaces for numbers, indexes and other features are reduced to the absolute minimum. But because good readability of the time and other functions must nevertheless be ensured, Armin Strom decided early on to use a reduced dial. It could even be called a skeletonized dial. Any material not absolutely necessary for the display is omitted.

From the outset, these dial rings have defined the design of Armin Strom watches. The lavishly produced rings, often made from multiple layers, stand out from the movement and, together with the hands, form the display unit.


The Lip

A hallmark of Armin Strom



The lip, positioned at 6 o’clock on the bezel, very quickly became a hallmark of Armin Strom watches. Early on, Armin Strom looked for a way of personalizing his watches and, inspired by classical emblems, he developed an additional surface on the case that could be personalized with engraved initials.

With the philosophy that the movement is the center point of the watch, today Armin Strom uses timeless, proportionally attractive case designs. Trendy frills are deli­berately omitted. The Armin Strom Manufacture develops its watches for more than just a single generation and therefore consciously forgoes fashion trends.

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